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Weekend Rewind - Who's Your Crush?

Thank you to the gorgeous Al from Life in a Pink Fibro for letting us bring out our old favourites and give them another airing in Weekend Rewind.   You can also read the original post & comments here at my old blog 
Let's talk about "girl crushes".   Not the kind of crush a boy has on a girl or one a girl who likes girls has on a girl, but a good old fashioned admiration of someone who you wish could be your best friend.  Your "girl crush".
The definition of "girl crush" in the Urban Dictionary is:
"Feelings of admiration and adoration which a girl has for another girl, without wanting to shag said girl.  A nonsexual attraction, usually based on veneration at some level."
I think this sums it up pretty well for me.  I have a few celebrity girl crushes, some which I've had for years and some which are new.
Yesterday I saw some gorgeous photos of our Kylie (actually I'm going to creepily call her "my" Kylie) at the Milan Fashion Week which the lovely @sassisam posted on her bloghere. Isn't she gorgeous?  She is my quintessential "girl crush".   She seems to get more beautiful as she gets older.
One of my other long time girl crushes is Jennifer Aniston, however as time goes on my crush on her is waning.  I also have a girl crush on our very own Kerri-Anne Kennerley. Don't judge me sisters.  I think she's just lovely and she's still working it and owning it and I love that.
Some of the most popular girl crushes are:
Angelina Jolie
Jennifer Aniston
Jessica Alba
Michelle Obama
Kate Winslett
January Jones
Taylor Swift
All this thinking about "girl crushes" also got me wondering whether or not men have"man crushes"?  I've never heard a man say "I love him, he's amazing" or "I have such a man crush on him".   Not in blokey, heterosexual circles anyway.   The blokey heterosexual man would no more say that than wear a man pearl, unless of course he lives in Broome where man pearls are all the go, I believe.
Now whilst your average man doesn't openly admit to having a "man crush" I am guessing that some or most men do indeed have secret "man crushes".   You can tell when your man has a "man crush" because he is likely to start acting like his crush or dressing in a similar way.
Bear Grylls - The Adventurer Bloke's Man Crush
Type of man: A real blokey bloke who is keen on adventure, bit of a hunter, loves a knife (any weapon really), enjoys getting down and dirty and not afraid of blood or a dead animal carcass.     Bear is everything this man would want to be.
Signs: If your man starts coming home with dirt over his face, blood around his mouth or he starts picking up the cat and trying to bite a chunk out of her side, he could very well have a crush on Bear.
Jamie Oliver The Chef Bloke's Man Crush
Type of Man: A professional, possibly an accountant or a lawyer, who fancies himself as a bit of gourmet in the kitchen.  He likes to make a bit of a mess while he cooks and doesn't measure any ingredients.  Although he likes cooking, he doesn't really like "women's work" and therefore won't clean up his mess.  He also loves to drink and swear with his mates.
Signs:  If your man starts talking with a bit of a lisp, takes an unnatural interest in the kids lunch boxes as well as their friends' lunch boxes or starts calling your children Poppy Honey and Petal Blossom he could be having a "man crush" on Jamie.
Don Draper (aka Jon Hamm) - The "Would be Player's" Man Crush
Type of Man: Fancies himself a little (ok a lot),  is very careful with his appearance and likes to make an effort, rarely gets dirty (unless sweating it up in a workout at the gym) and is likely to work in advertising, real estate or property development.
Signs:  If he buys a Fedora and insists on wearing it to work, takes up smoking and starts staring at you with his head to the side and eyes half closed and a tiny smirk on his face I'd say he's got the "man crush" on Don.
Hugh Jackman - The all round Aussie Good Guy's Man Crush
Type of man: Good looking, loves sport, sexy mover (likes to dance), up beat, funny, everyone's mate, great dad and mostly a nice husband.  The kind of guy every girl wants her husband to be like.
Signs: He starts growing long sideburns and sticky taping blades to his fingers, ok ... maybe that's a bit on the extreme side - but it would be funny.  He keeps breaking out into dance moves whenever he hears music or drinks Iced Tea.  Ok a bit OTT?  Truth is I have nothing here.   But if your man starts doing any of those things or belting out a bit of "Boy From Oz" at random moments, he could have a man crush on Hugh.  Don't say I didn't warn you.
And finally ...
Mark Webber Formula One Driver - The Rev Head's Man Crush
Type of Man: Loves cars, loves Bathurst, loves Formula 1, loves the smell of petrol, loves cleaning his car, drools over cars as he's driving along, hyperventilates if he sees a Lamborghini or a Ferrari and will often (almost always) put his car before his woman.
Signs: Refer to paragraph above and add an unhealthy love of Red Bull, helmets and leather racing gear and I'd say your man is loving his "man crush" Mark.
Do you think your man has a "man crush"?  If so, who?
Do you have a "girl crush"?  Who is it?
Photo Credits where possible:
Man Pearl Picture from
Bear Grylls Picture from Discovery Channel



  1. My husband has a "guy crush" on Bear and Jamie and Ansel Adams the photographer. Quite a cool mix I reckon, pretty much sums him up!

    Mine include many of yours above and Jennifer Garner, Scarlett Johansson, Asher Keddie, Helen Mirren and botox aside, I've developed a bit of a crush on Anna Bligh lately - what a woman!

  2. Great post Annie! I remember this from the first time around. My husband would not admit to a boy crush of any description but I reckon it would be a footballer if he had one. My girl crushes change from week to week - I'm fickle like that!

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro! :-)

  3. Brilliant Post! I have a girl crush on Jen. I think we could be great friends!! :)

  4. As soon as you said 'man crush' I immediately thought 'Bear Grylls', and then I scrolled down...
    I wonder if he know his growing reputation amongst red-blooded hetrosexual men in australia??

  5. Not sure about my husband but my girl crushes are Jessica Alba and Scarlett Johansson.

  6. Over from the Fibro! I would share your Kate Winslet girl crush and I also just love that Rachel McAdams and Scarlett Johanson. I also like that little Carey Mulligan, but it's not a crush more of a 'cute' FYKWIM.

    Man crushes for LOML? That would definitely be Pierce Brosnan. He really likes him. x

  7. This is hilarious, Annie! I second Maxabella's Rachel McAdams girl crush and would add to that Cameron Diaz (she gets better as she gets older I think - not necessarily looks-wise but movies... ok, let's just look past Knight And Day...).

    Man crushes for the husband: Jeremy Clarkson. Dear God help me. Not that I don't like a bit of Top Gear, mind.

  8. My girl crushes are of the culinary goddess kind - think Donna Hay & Nigella Lawson.

    Just looking at one of Nigella's cookbooks sitting on my kitchen bench I can hear her dreamy voice saying "What will we cook today Felicity?". Actually that sounds a bit creepy now that I've written it 'out loud' but both of these girls personify a style that I love and a cooking style I aspire to.

    As for Captain V - well for many years he had a man crush on the golfing legend Jack Nicklaus.
    You can imagine his pure excitement when in 2005 he was at St Andrews [as part of a trip of lifetime] and got to see Jack in person and take "The BEST photo" to paraphrase of him crossing the famous Ballybunion Bridge.
    It gets better because he met someone at a course who does business with Jack and they offered to take the photo to Jack to have it signed with a lovely personal message.

    Of course it's now framed and hanging in a very prominent position so that Capt V can glow in his 'man crush' regularly.

    x Felicity


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