About Me

Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.  You may have visited me previously at my old home Living Life As Me.

My life is not perfect.  We all have our own hills and valleys - so some days my posts will be written from high on the hill and other times I may be stuck down in the valley.   Either way, I hope my blog posts leave you feeling like you just had a cup of tea and a chat with an old friend.    Four of my most popular posts are Today my Cranky Pants Unnerved MeHow Red Shoes taught me about LoveMum I'm Stuck on the Grass and You can't roll back, Jesus 
I am a mum to two teenage boys.
I married the man of my dreams in September last year, in Italy.  It was amazing.  
I am a writer.  I started writing my first novel.  It's kind of stalled right now.  I'm planning another one.  I'm also planning a non fiction book.  It is time to take the planning to the doing stage.   The thought of this makes my heart beat faster.

I'm an anxiety wrestler.  At the moment I'm winning.   If you are interested in hearing about anxiety, I was a guest on Richard Fidler's Conversation Hour last year.  Here is a link to the audio
I love to solve problems of all shapes & sizes - I have a regular segment on 4BC Radio answering listener's pressing questions.  www.solutionsannie.com.au
I own a gorgeous cocker spaniel called Sammy who I just adore.
I love to cook.
I love to waste time.
I love my friends.
I love to talk.
I love life.
Thanks for stopping by xx

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