Sunday, January 16, 2011

Flood Relief Websites

I've come across a lot of places providing help and contacts for those affected by the floods and those wishing to help or donate goods/supplies.  I will keep adding as I come across them.   Hopefully these are of some help to others out there.

Thanks to all below who have proactively provided so much information and help.  You all Rock!

Clean Up & Volunteering


People/Organisations Collecting Donations:

I have also split these into categories to make it easier.


Back to School

Household Items
  • a group of IT professionals collecting computers etc for donation to families & businesses who have been flood affected

Financial Assistance

Assistance for Businesses
    Assistance for Families
    Pets & Animals

    Washing & Cleaning

    Special Services & Donations for Flood Affected Residents & Businesses

    General Flood Information



    1. I have watched your tweets and retweets roll by over the last few days and all i can say is yay for you and so many others who have done such great work to support so many. Make sure you grab a cuppa when you can! x

    2. You have been doing such a great job on twitter and this is a great blog post. I popped a link to it in my blog post.

    3. Hi Annie, RWA is holding a Flooded Communities Book Appeal. All information is here:

      Thanks for all your hard work!

    4. Great list! Hannah's Foundation is also organising sponsors (and collecting nominees) for back to school book packs for flood affected school students.

    5. Oh, and the link to Hannah's Foundation is:

    6. Hi Annie, could you possibly add us to your list too under Back to School? We're trying to contact creches and kindys who've lost books so we can let publishers know what they need. Great list! Thanks, @books2floods

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    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me x

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