Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What do dandelions have to do with life you ask?

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People often ask me why my blog is called "Life and Dandelions" ... "it seems an odd comparison" they say. Not so.

Life and dandelions are much more similar than you think.
  • On the surface the dandelion plant is tough, rather ugly and filled with sticky sap that gets all over your hands when you try to rip them up.
  • Life can be tough, rather ugly and filled with stuff that sticks to you when you try to fight against the flow of where life is taking you.  Sometimes you just need to let things be.
  • Look a bit deeper and the yellow dandelion flower is beautiful, bright and cheerful and is one of the first flowers to bloom in Spring.
  • Life can also be beautiful, bright and cheerful and always seems much brighter with the arrival of Spring.
  • The dandelion head is extremely delicate and if you don't handle it gently and with care it will be gone in a second.
  • Life and relationships are extremely delicate and if you don't look after them with gentleness and care they too can be gone in a second.
  • A life lived well has many health and nutrition benefits.   Rather than wasting precious life by being unhealthy, we should be taking very good care of the body that has been given to us and use it for good.
Like the dandelion, my life is both good and bad, bitter and sweet, beautiful and ugly, strong and delicate.

What can you compare your life to?   I'd love to know.



  1. On the flower theme... sunflowers. Big and tall and sunny, but loaded with seeds. Hopefully those seeds are wise and kind and tolerant. Sometimes I fear they are not! x

  2. Hi Annie! This is my first visit to your blog (via Naomi @ Under the Yardarm) and what a fitting post for it. Your explanation and therefore your blog title sounds perfectly fitting.

    As far as what I would compare my life too... I'd have to think on that a little. If it were a flower, perhaps a rose. Sweet-smelling, with a few thorns!

  3. what I love about dandelions is as you said, we consider it a weed, yet watch a child's face as they see a seeding dandelion ... their eyes light up, they drop everything to grasp one, and with one puff of breath they send their wishes and hopes out into the universe! xt

  4. I just came across this blog while searching for a true picture of the dandelion plant because the pictures I see online don't show the sticky thorns. However, the ones I see growing in my yard are sticky. So before I juice the wrong thing, I'm wondering if some dandelions have thorns. Or maybe the thorns can't be seen in the picture.

  5. i love your writing on danderlions so sweet so pure as nature intended reminds me of life when i was young and how it can be affected by what we learn from others and what we have a choice in later life to start a new unhook and untangle whats useful and what is not thanks for your blog i am doing some writing artwork and peems on the same subject thanks for the inspiration to follow my dreams may you also follow yours love n light x


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