Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm just over here for the moment

I've not been here much and for that I'm a bit sad because I love hanging out here.   I will be back.  I need to be back.   In the meantime I was over here last week for a little while because my lovely friend Sarah is away on a tropical island, swimming with dolphins (see below) and drinking cocktails every night.   As you do.

Head on over to Sarah's amazing blog - Ah the Possibilities -  where you can read my post along with some other fabulous guest posters.



  1. I think you're a woman of courage for speaking out about something that must have been difficult and so deeply personal to you, and in the process others have been helped.

    Dropping in from Possibilities to say hello and let you know I enjoyed your guest post.
    Mila from

  2. I love this blog too!:)
    fab. guest post by the way!


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