Saturday, December 11, 2010

Weekend Rewind - Friends are Like Teapots

Thank you Alison from Life in a Pink Fibro for letting us bring out our old favourites and give them another airing in Weekend Rewind.   You can also read the original post & comments here at my old blog  

Friends are Like Teapots

I am one of those people who collect friends like some people collect teapots.  Once I have you, I don't let you go.  Some people might think I have too many, but I don't think a girl can ever have too many teapots, oops I mean friends.  I may not see you and touch you and even talk to you for ages, but when I do see you, it's just like it was the last time we saw each other.
Just like the teapots, once I wipe the dust off and put a fresh brew in, it's like I had a tea with you yesterday.
Without my beautiful friends I would not be the person I am today.  When I recently wrote my post "How Red Shoes Taught me About Love" I did not expect the stream of amazing comments from new and old friends and people I have never met.  I also did not expect my best friend, for most of my life (45 years to be precise) to find my post and write the beautiful comment she did.   I couldn't reply for a few days because it was too emotional for me.
That post, and the phenomenon last week that was "Bloggers without Makeup", made me think about the friendships I have and how important they have always been throughout my life.   For the most part of my life I haven't had family, and whilst this was sad, I never felt totally alone - I have always had the most wonderful friends.  Last Friday I felt so great about myself because of the beautiful comments on my blog, left by new friends I've made on Twitter and through Blogging and people I have never interacted with before.  It reminded me how amazing women are and how important reaching out and touching each other is.
I have a gift for all my teapots - the vintage bone china ones who are delicate and beautiful, yet always ready when you need them; the crazed earthenware ones that have been through a lot, but are just as strong as they day they were new; the functional stainless steel pot that never lets you down; the trendy new funky teapot that cost an absolute fortune, but is really impractical and doesn't pour without making a mess but whenever you use it there is always much fun and laughter; and the new ones that don't have a history with me yet, but are beautiful and bring me pleasure whenever I see them. 
This song, "Stand by Me" is one of my favourites and always reminds of how important authentic friendships are and how much we need people who will stand by us, no matter what.
I love this version as it is part of the "Playing for Change - Peace through Music" series.  It's just beautiful and it is my gift to all my friends, old and new. 
Crank up the volume and enjoy!  You really will love it.   

I consider everyone who touches my life and my heart to be my friend. 
"Friends are the family you choose for yourself"


  1. Beautiful post Annie. Thanks for sharing it (again) and Rewinding at the Fibro.

  2. I have enjoyed reading this one, loving your teapot illustration, both in picture and in words! Can you have a prickley teapot?...I may be one of those on occasion!

  3. You know what they say, Annie, "to have a friend you must first be one." I imagine that with your kind and giving nature you have so many friends you don't know what to do with them all. Except perhaps to enjoy a cup of tea together, literally or virtually. x

  4. I love that teapot, so cute, and I love the song stand by me,

  5. Great post - love the teapot illust..
    love the teapot! xox

  6. wonderful post.... I love reading your posts you have such a way with words :)


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