Saturday, December 11, 2010

Today I'm Grateful For ...

  • Having a home to come back to after a week away.  As much as I love the beach, I love coming home even more.

  • My boys.  They are my family. I love them hard.

  • Air conditioning because without it I would become homicidal in this humidity.

  • Water - it is the essence of life and without it we'd be incredibly thirsty and shrivelled up.

  • HRT - well, I'm thinking I might be grateful for it if I had it. Perhaps my family might be more grateful for it?  Who knows?  I'm hormonal and quite possibly homicidal.  There's that word again.  It is featuring today in my grateful list.   Is it possible to have a grateful list with the word homicidal featuring in it?  Is that an oxymoron?
  • Maxabella Loves for reminding us every single week that we have so much to be grateful in our lives.


  1. I think homicidal is fine in a grateful list... as in I'm grateful I can openly express how homicidal I feel!
    Hope you are feeling less hormonal & homicidal soon lovely Annie... until then, I suggest a cup of iced chai and a good girly movie. xxx

  2. You holiday sounds absolutely fantastic and don't worry about feeling homicidal I'm pretty sure it's just other name for Christmas+heat-induced stress.

    Bring on the air-conditioning and lots of other things that bring a smile to your face so that this weekend is as wonderful as the break that you've just enjoyed!

    Felicity x

  3. ok lets focus on the water and not the fact your homicidal....
    without the water you would be even hotter than you are now and very thirsty ...and then we would have to focus on the fact that you where homicidal... so amen for air con and water
    have a blessed week ahead

  4. Coming home after being away is GOLD and I could have used homicidal in my grateful post :).
    Water - I've had enough of it :(
    I love the reminder to find garteful in everything.

  5. Maybe you are really grateful to be homicidal? I guess it's all living, Annie. Just living. x

  6. hehehe, love the homicidal tendencies, why not be grateful for them!! Visiting from Maxabellas. Jen.


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